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Get a custom styled blouse stitched to your perfect fit. Yes we deliver worldwide. Our unique process makes it easy to order custom designer blouses in few simple clicks. 
Our services are tailored to match your requirements based on your location. Select one to get started.

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Once you submit this form our team will connect with you via WhatsApp and discuss your requirements.
We will share design options to choose. - get you a price quote
Will share the fabric options as well. You can send us your measurements via our online form - step-by-step guide to measure yourself.
Once you confirm the order - our team will fetch the fabric, design and stitch.
Will share pics via whatsapp so you know how it looks.
We accept payments via Paypal in USD

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Once you submit this form, our team will connect with you on whatsapp to discuss and help you with your order.
If you have the blouse material we can pick it up from your place. We can source the material for you if you dont have it. We have latest materials available to choose from.
Measurements - we can pickup your sample blouse or you can send measurements via WhatsApp or simply fill in our online measurements form (we will share link via whatsapp)
You can pay using PAYTM or Online bank account transfer

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If you have the blouse material, we will arrange a pickup from your place.
If not, we can help you get latest fabrics for your blouse.

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Now you can send us your sample blouse for measurements. We will arrange a pickup from your place. 

Your sample blouse will be used to note down measurements for making your new blouse. We will send it back to you along with the new blouse.

You can also opt to send measurements online via our step-by-step online measurements form.

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Specially for our customers in Hyderabad, we have at-home services. Our designer will visit you to take your measurements and pickup materials.

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